Flora Day Cushman

Wonderful dancer, choreographer, musician, kind and loving person

(Flora died April 12, 2014, at Malteser Krankenhaus Sankt Hildegardis, Koeln, Germany)

Bob's Picture

Flora at the piano, 1960's


    Georgia, Flora, Mrs. Cushman
    Georgia, Flora, Mrs. Grace Newsom Cushman (c. 1962)
    Flora in NYC-1963
    Bob Weaver, Flora Cushman, Elizabeth Spraggs (a family friend of the Cushmans), Mrs. Grace Cushman, John Weaver - in New York City, about 1962.
    Flora at 2007 Reunion
    Flora at the 2007 Walden/JCC reunion, Dublin, NH
    Flora smiling, 2007
    Flora at the 2007 Reunion
    Flora and Noel-2012
    Noel (Felde) Benson and Flora in Germany, 2012


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